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Mindful Monkeez is a one of a kind children’s well-being program designed to help your Monkee to be the healthiest and happiest version of him or herself. 

The Mindful Monkeez Children Well-Being program combines state of the art portable neurofeeback brain training with nutritional coaching and naturopathic and functional medicine to address the two major influencing factors that impact on your child’s health – their ability to self-regulate their emotional state and their nutritional status.


Our Expertise


Our program uses specially designed portable EEG neurofeedback technology allowing us to train your Monkeez brain in the comfort of your own home whilst our experts monitor your Monkeez data remotely from our clinics in real time. 


Our experts are trained in naturopathic and nutritional medicine and will assess your child’s nutritional status and will coach and mentor you to improve your child’s diet whilst we train your child how to self regulate their emotions leading to a happier, healthier monkee!


As part of the program, our experts will coach and mentor you the parents, as well as your children, in the essential life skills of mindfulness, present moment awareness and attention focusing, leading to more connected relationships, enhanced attention span and self-regulation of emotions.

Is your monkee struggling?

Here at Mindful Monkeez we specialise in helping children who are struggling with focusing their attention, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and behavioural problems. 

Book your FREE exploratory appointment now to see how we can help your Monkee be the full expression of themself.

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