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Children experience stress very differently to adults. Childhood stress can take the form of long days at school, too much extra-curricular activities, poor sleep habits, poor nutrition, family dynamics and learning challenges to name but a few.

The in-ability of a child to self-regulate their emotional state can lead to behavioural issues, separation, social and general anxieties, decreased cognitive function, attention deficits, tummy problems and a whole host of other signs and symptoms.


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Here at Mindful Monkeez we use state of the art neurofeedback technology that analyzes your child’s brain function and teaches them through the use of specialized computer games and videos how to self-regulate their attention and focus and enhancing their ability to control their brain activity and emotions.

As we train your Monkee to self-regulate, we also address their nutritional state to make sure they are getting all the building blocks needed to grow up healthy, happy and strong.

The best thing about the Mindful Monkeez program is that it is done in the comfort of your own home while our trained-professionals monitor your childs progress on-line and in real-time.

Mindful Monkeez uses specially designed portable EEG neurofeedback technology allowing us to train your Monkeez brain in the comfort of your own home whilst our experts monitor your Monkeez data remotely from our clinics in real time. 

Neurofeedback is state of the art technology that teaches your Monkee (without them even knowing!) to train their brain into a healthier balance with the use of specialised neurofeedback video games and videos. 

Our technology reads your Monkeez brain waves and communicates this information to our training tablets which controls the response of the games or videos in our software.

Your child literally controls the games with their mind! NO THUMBS INVOLVED!! It has to be seen to be believed.

supercharge their nutrition

Here at Mindful Monkeez we get it. We know what its like to have a fussy eater. We’re parents of young children ourselves. 

The nutritional status of your child dramatically affects their behaviour, ability to concentrate at school and home, it affects their moods, and most importantly their long-term health. 

Our experts are trained in naturopathic and nutritional medicine and will assess your child’s nutritional status and will coach and mentor you to improve your child’s diet whilst we train your child how to self regulate their emotions leading to a happier, healthier monkee!


Common Questions

This program is ideal for children that have issues with maintaining focused attention, they may have been diagnosed with ADHD, are struggling with anxiety, or are generally having trouble self-regulating their emotional state.

This program is for families that value putting time and effort into helping their child learn the essential life skills of emotional self regulation and are willing to make changes in the family dynamic (that means you, the parent/s, may also need to make some changes!) and focus on a long term solution.

Where do we begin! 

Mindful Monkeez is an amazing program because first of all it is created by parents of a child that struggled with self regulation, ADHD and anxiety  issues, so we know what it’s like. Its a program created for parents, by parents.

Secondly the Mindful MonkeezProgram is the only portable neurofeedback program in Australia. Why is this important? Neurofeedback is a therapy, and as such the more therapy your child can do the better results they will get. It’s like going to the gym, only in your child’s case, it’s brain gym!! If you go to the gym once a week for let’s say, an eight weeks, by the end of the eight weeks, how much fitter and stronger are you? Not much. But, if you were to go 3, 4 or 5 times a week for the same period, you would be much stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier then when you started. Neurofeedback is the same. The more training your child can do, the more you cement the new, more beneficial neural pathways and changes in brain wave activity. 

Thirdly, on top of the amazing portable neurofeedback technology used to train your Monkeez mind, we also look at your child’s health from a wholistic, functional, nutritional and naturopathic medicine perspective, addressing any underlying issues that are holding your Monkee back from being the happiest, healthiest version of him or herself.

At the core of the Mindful Monkeez Wellbeing Program is specially designed neurofeedback technology which trains your child’s brain via measuring brain activity in real-time.

Our amazing technology can sense your child’s brain activity, and the games respond to the changes in their brainwave patterns, helping them learn how to balance their brain by wait for it… playing video games or watching videos! Your child will literally play these specialised games using only their mind!! No thumbs allowed!! It honestly has to be experienced to be believed. Book your free exploratory appointment today to see exactly what it is all about.

This type of training has been studied extensively for over 50 years and has been shown to be effective in treating a range of neurological conditions. Here at Mindful Monkeez we utilise this time-tested technology for children that struggle with attention focusing, ADHD and anxiety.

Most parents start to see results after somewhere between 5-10 sessions – around 1-2 weeks. Obviously each child and their circumstances are totally different and results may vary, but as with anything, the more effort you put in, the better results you will get. 

We love hearing reports from parents when their Monkeez teacher reports better behaviour, better focused attention, more self confidence and less emotional outbursts. This is totally possible for your Monkee. All we need to do is teach them how to control their brain states, improve their nutrition, address/support any underlying functional issues and provide a supportive, nourishing and mindful environment for them to flourish.

Because we are teaching your Monkee an essential life skill, that is literally helping them to change their brain function, results can be permanent. But, as with fitness or any other endeavour, if the momentum stops or life changes, such as significant trauma, think marriage breakup, bullying, changing schools, a death in the family etc, regression is possible, In these circumstances, more training is necessary to re-establish balance once again. 

We can’t actually see your child when they are training at home, that would be plain creepy! What we can see is their brain wave data and how they are performing. We can change settings, make the training more difficult and increase training times to help your Monkee get the best results possible. 

Helping you raise happier, healthier monkeez