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Mindful Monkeez is developed by parents for families, parents and children that are struggling with emotional self-regulation, behavioural issues, ADHD and anxiety. We understand the struggles and are here to guide, support, coach and mentor you along your parenting journey. 

The Mindful Monkeez program was born out of a need to help my own child, Harvey. In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and little Harvs, only two and a half years old at the time, saw his dad get incredibly unwell. He went through a marriage breakup as a result of the journey with cancer. He watched his dad struggle for life for a further 2 years whilst he became cancer free, then, he was witness to his dad trying to get his life back on track and the stress that he couldn’t help but be entangled in. 

So much stress at such an early age was always going to affect him. As a result, as he developed he struggled with anxieties, his ability to focus attention was challenging, and his ability to self regulate his emotions was tricky for him.

In an effort to help my child and minimise the long term impact the circumstances of our lives could potentially have, I developed a program that would help him to be able to learn to control his internal state, his emotions and the way his brain worked. I combined this with my skills as an experienced naturopath and meditation teacher and the Mindful Monkeez program was born into existence.

I truly hope this program can enrich you and your Monkeez life

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Eddie Enever

Eddie is our founder, resident naturopath, meditation and breathwork teacher, neurofeedback practitioner and father of two Monkeez, Harvey and Eden. Eddie’s favourite part of his role here at Mindful Monkeez is educating parents on mindful parenting and teaching them how to embrace meditation and mindfulness into their lives and relationships.

Charlee Monkee

Charlee is the backbone of the Mindful Monkeez Program and the creative genius behind everything we do. Charlee takes his role very seriously supporting your child whilst on the program. Over the duration of the program Charlee sends the children letters, postcards, stickers, badges and other rewards for working hard, doing the exercises and making a superstar effort trying new foods and taking their supplements.   

watch our founder Eddie enever discussing the mindful monkeez children's well-being program

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